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Complete Meditation

Meditation is a quality of the Self, an attribute of your essential nature. Meditation is that source within you which is present regardless of whether you are in the state of deep sleep or in a waking state.

During meditation, all kinds of thoughts arise. All the thoughts that are buried deep within your mind, surface when you are at peace and simply watchful of your mind. They are given attention and space to emerge from within their recesses. These thoughts torment you only because you get attached and identified with them. Hence, it is important to realize that you are simply the witness of these thoughts. You are not the thoughts.

Meditation techniques taught in this program will aid you in witnessing these thoughts and seeing them different from yourself. The judgmental mind thus gets annihilated in this process. Knowing the Knower of all experiences (the Self, our true nature) through every experience is true meditation.

What will I learn from this session?

How will I benefit?

The crux of the retreat is to dissolve your biggest myth - 'I do Meditation.' The retreat will enlighten you with the truth that 'You are Meditation.' That is essentially your true nature. You are the supreme silence which you seek. You do not have to bring it from somewhere, just rediscover it within you. Meditation techniques are just the path, meditation on the 'Self, the Supreme Silence' is the destination. This, you will recognize by your own experience through the retreat and will cherish it throughout your life.

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