Current Activities and Events (Community Involvements):

In Sydney TGGF is active for last 11 years since 2007 and our 100% volunteer organization has organised in many activities, events and programs for local community in Sydney.

Self-Development Programs

Over the last 11 years, TGGF has been conducting various self-development programs like Complete Meditation, Power of Acceptance, Power of Happy Thoughts, Awaken to health, Awaken To joy and many other such workshops & seminars.

Yoga Classes & Workshops

TGGF conducts Yoga sessions at Holsworthy, Macquarie Fields and Winston Hills on weekends. We recently celebrated International Yoga day where over 400 people participated. Yoga workshop for kids in Merrylands. Objective of this event was to create awareness of a healthy body and mind for enjoying a healthy happy life.

Hope & Faith Campaign

On our 10th Anniversary, TGGF launched Thought Revolution campaign with a purpose to establish love, peace & joy in the Australian community through reading of our self-help books. These books are pocket sized, priced at just a dollar ($1) and based on the universal laws of thought and include practical tools & techniques which can be followed easily in daily life. We also conduct programs on 100% Health, 100% Life and Harmony in Relationships.

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