Inner Ninety Hidden Infinity

Do you know how much of the ice berg is visible above the water surface? Those who do not know the answer will be surprised to know that the ice berg that is seen floating on the icy waters is just 10% of the entire rock, whose 90% of the structure lies beneath the waters.

Similarly, have we ever pondered over the fact that our body, our external appearance, sums to just 10% of who we actually are? The 90% of us comprises of the inner being that we are. Most of us call this 'Inner Ninety' by different names, such as moral values, character, personality, etc. How we value this in others as well as strive to empower our Inner Ninety is what each one of us needs to learn. Morals are easy to state but difficult when put to practical use. Honesty, patience, the choice of our friends, loyalty, etc. are values that determine our Inner Ninety. They are always put to test, each day of our lives. When we learn to strengthen these values and act in accordance with them, we uncover for us, a world of greater possibilities. Thus, it is essential to understand that there are ways to develop, train and mould our Inner Ninety, to achieve all human goals that we can dream of and gear up for the beyond.

Ambitions can be achieved with the help of understanding the various facets of Inner Ninety and strengthening the principles required to craft a benevolent Inner Ninety. The secret for an impressive Top Ten - our external body, also lies through our Inner Ninety. It cannot be hard to imagine Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Bill Gates, and other successful personalities, having paved their way to an extraordinary Top Ten through the wisdom and composure of their Inner Ninety.

Inner Ninety and Top Ten of each person empowers him to not just achieve all his goals but even speculate the dimensions that lie ahead of basic human and emotional intelligence. This is inherently achieved and sparked by the Hidden Infinity that lies within the realms of our Inner Ninety and works as a storehouse of all information. The wisdom encompassed in a human soul is what encourages a person to work efficiently on his Inner Ninety as well as his Top Ten. This wisdom is hidden and can be expounded only through the teachings of spiritual masters who, have known and understood the secret language of this wisdom that lies within each one of us.

The ways in which we can tap this Hidden Infinity is what Tej Guru SirshreeTejparkhiji (lovingly known as Sirshree), has revealed in his book of Inner Ninety. The book will encourage the reader to not just understand the underlying foundation of Inner Ninety and Top Ten, but will also encourage him to explore the reality of his life in a deeper way.

Sirshree's quest for spirituality began during his early years of adulthood. He relinquished his job as a teacher at a renowned college and undertook a long tenure of sadhana (a Sanskrit word for 'spiritual practice'). His determined efforts finally led him to enlightenment. Sirshree's discourses on practical and spiritual aspects of life are held regularly under the auspices of Tej Gyan Foundation, a nonprofit organisation which paves the path for a seeker in a systematic way, ensuring him not just a successful life but even enriching him with divine wisdom.

According to Sirshree, "All paths that lead to truth begin differently, but end in the same way, with understanding. Understanding is the whole thing. And, this understanding is complete in itself. Listening to this understanding is the most essential beginning of an inward journey."

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