Mini Maha - Aasmani (Residential) Retreat for Teens   

Building a spiritual foundation and preparing for the Maha - Aasmani Retreat, for Teenagers. TGF invites you to Mini Maha - Aasmani (Residential) Retreat for Teens.

In todays digital and fast paced world, the high potential young generation has easy access to information and variety of options in each aspect of life. However at the same time, they experience a lot of confusion due to various sources of distraction and high level of peer pressure due to intense competition.

In such an environment they feel entangled between both worlds and hence the need of the hour is to provide them with direction, clarity on who they are, what is the aim of their life and how can they explore the ocean of potential trapped in them. To help them strike a perfect balance in all facets of life (physical, mental, social, financial & Spiritual), Mini Maha Asmani Shivir builds a rock solid spiritual foundation, and guide teenagers discover the missing link.

Mini MahaAsmani Shivir has been custom designed for youth. The knowledge transfer takes place through experiential learning which helps build conviction and ensures application in routine life. It is a life transforming shivir through which the teenagers will learn the art of getting the right answers from within and will be able to tap the ultimate source of energy.

Age Group : Above 14 yrs to below 16 yrs .

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