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Touch your inner self

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The “Touch your SELF” Retreat is a spiritual journey into the inner self. This Retreat is a Self— Realization intensive. It is an unique opportunity for a transformational inquiry into the timeless questions of ‘Who am I’ and ‘Why am I here’. Merge into The Oneness - The Consciousness - The Infinite.

Learn about the timeless questions and get the profound answers. Understand the difference between the Truth and the words of Truth. Get back to your origin.

Find a way back to your true home; the Source from where all the answers and insights manifest...

From where it all began!

When we are not aligned with the Self, the contrast mind (judgmental mind) starts ruling our thoughts. The contrast mind keeps somersaulting between the past and the future. As a result, the body emits negative vibes. The heart gets locked and negative emotions begin to flow. The tendencies of the body mind mechanism overshadow the Self. Once there is a loose connection with the Self, life goes off the track quickly. And before we get the hang of what’s going around, we are already headed for the wall.

What Tej Gyan Retreats do?

Train the mind to be on track so that life is more balanced. Tej Gyan retreats are one of its kind “System for Wisdom” which combines Knowledge and Experience. A step by step guide from Self-Help to Self-Realization.

The system is a three-step process:

Listening to the Truth, breaks the Myths. Contemplation of the Truth, leads to Understanding.Application of the Truth, leads to Conviction.

These retreats install a nucleus of Truth within you, which as the days go by, grows and multiplies. Gradually the results start showing in your life. As the results show up, the belief that it does work gets reinforced and that brings more results...Thus the ‘Truth’ series starts in your |ife.This is an automatic process. The ‘Truth’ is then used as an operating system of life breaking old patterns and beliefs.

“No one can liberate you, for you are already liberated from the very beginning, The belief that you are bound, is a myth. Freedom from this myth is true liberation.”

- Sirshree

You can now practice and experience Spirituality in the Stock Exchange, Meditation in the Market Place, Contemplation in the Classroom and Bhakti in the Boardroom.

Why to attend this retreat?

In today’s technologically advanced world, there are lots of people who feel disharmony; they are looking for help, desperately trying to gain balance in an unpredictable life. The retreat helps them extensively in harmonizing with their true nature - the Self.

Then, there are others who are seeking answers to the meaning of their life. They are feeling lost; they are searching for the true purpose of their life.

The retreats assist them to find the real purpose of life and break out of the illusion.

And then there are those who have achieved some measure of success, but feel stuck on a plateau. They are seeking entry to the next level. This retreat guides them systematically to the next level.

And there are still others who want a break from the routine and do something different apart from healing, fitness, diet and rituals. For them, this retreat is a gateway to the journey on the Road less travelled - the road within.

Join us for a 5 Day Residential Retreat dedicated to Experience your inner self for permanent happiness. Freedom from stress, worry, anger and fear.

Enjoy well being in all five sphere of your life — physical, mental, social, financial and spiritual.

Release your infinite potential.

1st to 5th March 2019
Reporting- 1st March 11 am,
End of Retreat - 5th March 12 noon.

Venue : Balaji Nirogdham,
Main Palla Road,
Bakhtavarpur, Delhi -110036

For registration contact -

Tej Gyan Foundation 9921008060, 9921008075.

E-mail :

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