World Peace Initiatives

"You don't have to bring Peace...
Peace itself will bring Peace."

The Foundation has been championing the cause for World Peace over the last ten years.The world peace movement called "World Peace... Piece-by- piece",is focused on how World Peace can be achieved one piece at a time (step by step). As a part of this movement, the Foundation organizes programs that address various target audiences to promote the cause of World Peace.

On 10/10/10, the Foundation organized a milestone event called "Happy Thoughts World Peace Festival".World peace events were organized in fifty cities of India, the US and Australia on the same day. The flagship event in Pune was inaugurated by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The event was covered by leading television channels so that the consciousness of at least ten lakh people is impacted.

The World Peace... Piece-by-piece initiative has revolved around 10 solutions for world peace and inner peace, viz.


Solution For World Peace

1.Peace and Nationalism

"My country is also great (One word "also" can dissolve the divide between nations)

Action: Join lakhs of people in praying for all countries through world peace prayer at 09:09AM and09:09PM IST

2.Peace and Religion

"The world does not need a new religion. It needs a new string that binds together all religions"

Action: Create temples of humanity representing all religions

3.Peace and Education

"Education of the heart is the heart of education"

Action: Teach meditation and true value education in schools & colleges to help students access their heart

4.Peace and Women

"Women are the embodiment of power, peace and potential" Action: Spread awareness about stopping objectification of women to unleash this potential

5.Peace and Business

"Live for others because there is no other" Action: Businesses to serve others through an impersonal vision

6.Solutions for Inner Peace:

Put Peace First"

Action: Differentiate between what shall increase or decrease your level of inner peace

7.Peaceful Being

"Let those lead the world who are lead by the heart"

Action: Meditate to access your happy natural peaceful state

8.Peaceful Feelings

"To put an end to war and terror, first put your heart at peace"

Action: Sublimate negative feelings through acceptance

9.Peaceful Thinking

"You don't have to bring Peace. Peace itself will bring Peace"

Action: Levitate your thoughts by Truth Thinking.

10.Peaceful Relating

"The only problem is to see others as the problem"

Action: Relate to others better by dissolving your complaints

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