Online Mini Dhyan Mandir Shivir

While we are staying home to safeguard ourselves as well as society as a whole in the prevailing situation, there is a renewed focus on enhancing our life skills. One such vital skill is the art of being at peace with ourselves. The easiest way to attain peace and bliss is meditation.

We all would have heard or read a lot about mediation. But truly speaking, meditation is meant for everyone and is much easier and more accessible than what most people believe. Today, people from various cultures in all parts of the world and from all walks of life have made meditation an integral part of their lives. They are enjoying enormous benefits of meditation.

Meditation is a quality of the true Self, an attribute of your essential nature. It is that source within you, which is present regardless of whether you are in the state of deep sleep or in a waking state. And hence it is important that we start accessing that source within to unleash our highest potential.

True meditation leads to an effortless transition from being a limited personality to merging with the infinite essence of life and recognizing your true Self.

So here’s a golden opportunity to train ourselves to meditate. Join us for the Dhyan Mandir Shivir – the Practice of Silence – which is being delivered online.


All seekers, who have completed the Maha Aasmaani Retreat or further retreats of Tej Gyan Foundation can register for this retreat.

A four hour online retreat at meditate with others guided by a live facilitator Sirshree's videos with choice of threee timings.

Date : 30th May Time : 2 PM to 6 PM IST.
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